Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows and Mac

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Bluestacks is a popular app used for supporting a wide range of software programs. Bluestacks offline installer is easy to install for both Windows and Mac. It is an android emulator that facilitates the execution and playing of apps on computers. It makes it possible to download android apps onto a PC running Windows XP/7/8 or Mac OS X without any issues. The Bluestacks Offline Installer is the setup file for Bluestacks. This file lets users to install the software on the PC.

Read on to explore the features, minimum requirements, and the steps for installing Bluestacks Offline Installer on your PC.

Features of Bluestacks

Bluestacks also lets you install .apk files on your computer. Bluestacks has many features that make it one of the most powerful and popular android app that creates the pathway for other android apps.

  • The offline installer can be shared with your friends.
  • It is possible to uninstall and re-install Bluestacks Offline Installer even without remaining connected to the internet.
  • It is also possible to install Bluestacks Offline Installer on any PC, even if it doesn’t have any internet connection.
  • It is available for free

Bluestacks Offline Installer is an entirely free program. You don’t have to bear any fees or subscription for downloading or using it. Once installed, it gives you access to hundreds of thousands of android apps for PC.

System Requirements

The Bluestacks Offline Installer can be installed on any PC that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Hard disk space – 3 GB
  • Memory – 2 GB; recommended memory – 4 GB
  • GPU – 750 MB
  • Minimum resolution of display – 1024 x 768 pixels
  • CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo


Although Bluestacks Offline Installer doesn’t require much storage space, still the minimum system requirements show that it requires a pretty fast PC.

Installation Steps

Once you have downloaded the Bluestacks Offline Installer, use the following steps for installation.

  • Open the MSI file to start the process of installation
  • The installer will provide all the instructions in a step by step process. Follow them all.
  • After the installation gets completed, the Bluestacks icon can be found on the desktop. The installer will require that you restart your system.

Once the installation is successful, you can start downloading android apps and games onto your Windows or Mac system.

It is also possible to sync the downloaded android apps with your android device. Without such a program, it is not possible to download and install android apps directly onto a PC because of compatibility issues. This can be achieved by opening My Apps on the Bluestacks interface and choosing the smart phone symbol. This will make the Bluestacks Offline Installer start syncing with the smart phone.

Bluestacks Offline Installer doesn’t provide multitasking functionality. When it comes to switching between apps, you will have to return to the main menu. This can be a little time consuming, but still the software provides more benefits than you can expect.

Amir Whitnall

I'm Amir Whitnall, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast . A believer in technology and the good that it brings, which I'm sharing through
Amir Whitnall

I'm Amir Whitnall, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast . A believer in technology and the good that it brings, which I'm sharing through

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