Candy Crush Saga For PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

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Game description

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game developed by, a Bristish Facebook game developing team on April 12, 2012. It has a story mode, with multiple levels and multiple goals. Candy Crush Saga has become the most popular game on Smartphones and Facebook. You have to mix and match all the candies with different colors viz. The red jelly bean, the yellow lemon drop, the orange lozenge, the purple cluster, the blue lollipop head and green Chiclets are in a definite manner. You have to match 3 or more similar candies both in vertical and horizontal manner. In doing so, the candies will disappear and will be replaced by new sets of candies. If you could make it disappear you get a score.

candy crush saga game

The game has high quality HD graphics with great sound effects that will make you addicted to the game. It is played by swapping vertically and horizontally the positions of 2 adjacent candies in order to create a set of 3 (or more) candies. For each level there are a specified number of moves (or a time limit).  Various “special candies” are formed by matching a set of 4 or 5 candies in a certain formation.

You can also connect with Facebook and compete with your friends and share your score. With the help of Leaderboards feature you can see your rankings with global players.

The main characters in Candy Crush Saga are Tiffi, Mr. Toffee and Easter Bunny.


The game had more than 10 million downloads in December 2012. Candy Crush Saga made an appearance in Psy’s music video “Gentlemen”

On July 2013, it has been estimated that Candy Crush Saga has 6.7 million active users with total revenue of $633,000 /day in US section of iOS App Store. On October 2013, the game became the third most popular free game in the Google Play Store and the highest revenue grossing application.

Candy Crush Saga received Eurogamer’s Ellie Gibson’s 2013 game of the year title.

Steps for Installing Candy Crush Saga on PC

In order to download and install the game on PC follow these steps:

1)      Download and install “Bluestacks” application.

2)      To run android applications on PC we need an emulator. Bluestacks is an emulator.

3)      Search for “Candy Crush Saga” in the search bar.

4)      Run “Candy Crush Saga .exe” and enjoy.

System requirements for PC

The minimum system requirements to run Candy Crush Saga on PC are:

1)      46 MB HD space.

2)      Pentium 4 @1.3 GHz.

3)      256 MB RAM.

4)      DirectX compatible Sound Card.

5)      Direct X 9.0

6)      Window XP/7/8

Reasons why Candy Crush Saga is best

1)      Mixing special candies

2)      Varying game modes

3)      Delightful UI/UX

4)      Social integration

5)      Play on all your devices

6)      Eradicate all your stress and tension with addictive game candy crush saga!

The combination of high quality graphics and soundtrack makes this game so addictive. Thus this game has been one of the favorite pastimes for players, mostly the youngsters.

Amir Whitnall

I'm Amir Whitnall, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast . A believer in technology and the good that it brings, which I'm sharing through
Amir Whitnall

I'm Amir Whitnall, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast . A believer in technology and the good that it brings, which I'm sharing through

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