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Installing the Android Facebook APK file will allow you to enjoy all of the features and functionality of Facebook right on your Android device. Once downloaded, you will be able to enter in your information and connect with friends and family with ease.


Android Facebook App

Facebook provides a visually appealing app that is much nicer than viewing Facebook on the PC. Once installed, the following features will be available:

  • Sharing: Quickly and easily share photos and videos with friends. You can share other people’s posts as well as upload your own material right from your Android Device.
  • Messaging and Statuses: You can message friends through the text chat provided and even update or change your status. Group conversations are also possible with the latest version which allows for easy conversation amongst one or more people.
  • Apps: Play and enjoy unlimited Facebook apps. From Farmville to all of your other favorite games, the Facebook APK file unlocks complete app control from any Android device.
  • Notifications: Get notified when you receive messages or comments on posts or statuses. Users can even read through statuses that friends have posted and view unlimited photos or videos.
  • Feeds: The management and viewing of feeds has been changed greatly. Users can easily view recent feeds and different feeds right from the app.


Facebook is easy and straightforward to use. As a user, you will be able to use your Android device without loading up the app again. Once loaded and signed in, the app will remain open until closed. This allows you to play games and use other apps whenever you like and still receive notifications.

Using the Android notification feature, you will be alerted of new messages or responses right in the left corner of your mobile device.

The app has been updated as of July 31 and features 500 million to 1 billion installs across all Android devices. The current version and required Android version will vary from one device to the next.

Keeping your APK file up to date will ensure that all security holes have been patched and that you are using the app with the fastest speed and reliability. The easier solution is to download the Facebook.apk file directly from Google Play as this is the verified source for all apps.

What to do When Errors Occur

Sometimes, a latest update will render apps useless. This has happened often with Facebook and the best way to remedy the problem is to download an older APK file. This, unfortunately, is not easily done through the Google Play website and will need to be done on various other APK sites that may host older versions of the app.

A few sites that also offer APK files are:

Before you download an Android Facebook APK file, you will want to ensure that it is valid. This means that you should only download files from a trusted source.

Once downloaded, the APK file can be downloaded from an installer found on the Google Play store.

Amir Whitnall

I'm Amir Whitnall, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast . A believer in technology and the good that it brings, which I'm sharing through
Amir Whitnall

I'm Amir Whitnall, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast . A believer in technology and the good that it brings, which I'm sharing through

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