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Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has not provided many of its software products to other platforms like Windows. Only a handful of its software products are available for other platforms like Quick Player, Safari and iTunes. However, people still look to download these products, even though they are not using Apple device. IMovie is one of the most popular products by Apple and many people are interested to know how they can download iMovie for Windows PC.

What is iMovie?

To all those who are not aware, iMovie is essentially a video or a movie editing software tool with which the user can create videos or movies by editing any videos they have stored in the device. On an overall, the user interface is simply wonderful and there is no way you will not use this software tool just once as it is so user-friendly. However, iMovie is not officially available for Windows PC but there are various alternatives to get this movie editing software for your Windows PC. Several people have benefited by downloading the iMovie substitutes or alternatives

Features of iMovie

imovie dashboard

Apple’s feature-packed iMovie movie and video editing tool is quite a hit among iOs users. It boasts of several advanced features.

  • This movie editing software has a simple and clutter-free user interface and also packs in several highly useful tools. Users do not have to necessarily refer to a user guide to understand how to use the iMovie software on their laptop since all of the features inside this tool are very simple to use.
  • The user interface is elegantly designed and this also serves to be yet another exciting feature of this movie editing software by Apple.
  • When the user starts the iMovie app, then they will be directed at home where they can find all videos saved in the device. This makes it extremely easy for the user to look for any video effortlessly and thus, they can pick the video they want to edit and start creating the movie.
  • With the iMovie tool, the user can also easily combine two or more than two videos effortlessly together. He/she can also cut a particular video from any spot and include other video’s footage or do any other creative stuff in the video which they think is important to create a great video or a movie.
  • With the iMovie software tool, the user can also easily add text anywhere in the video they want and also apply some exciting animation effects wherever they want. The user can also add some great effects to the video wherever they wish to. The user can also take some stills from the existing video to create a new video or even create a new video using stored photos in their device.

The iMovie movie editing tool by Apple also features several free themes which the user can make use of to render a distinctive look to the movie they have create. The theme can also be changed within the created video, if the user so desires.


Amir Whitnall

I'm Amir Whitnall, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast . A believer in technology and the good that it brings, which I'm sharing through
Amir Whitnall

I'm Amir Whitnall, a tech entrepreneur and enthusiast . A believer in technology and the good that it brings, which I'm sharing through

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